It is going to hurt you!

Things, that in addition to being subjects that tire us and cause us disappointment, can also be harmful to our mental and physical health, such as the false news that is disseminated on all social networks and media, and the topics of professors of speculation. The fake news generated by some seeking ratings and likes or public recognition are invading the world, because neither one nor the other have a single iota of respect for humanity. It is so irritating to see people out there struggling to configure and design argument theories, based on mere assumptions, that almost compel the listener or reader to believe their expositions as firm and final truth, even if they are only assumptions. and arguments. For many, it is easier to build a topic on the basis of arguments and theories, and to make it appear true, than to carry out exhaustive and serious research, and to present topics that can be supported by documents and research-based elements would be impartial and free of prejudices, which guarantees that an issue can be resolved, true and credible, beyond any reasonable doubt. To mention a medium, because I do not know if this, in any way has a direct benefit to the medium involved, in many cases you see on YouTube, people with themes or products with tens of thousands of views and likes, which many times do not even They have nothing to do or a direct correspondence with the content of the message in question. You are presented with a “big” Headline, but when you examine the content, the topic is not related to the body of the message. Examples: Diosdado Cabello, Captured, Mature Escapes, etc. I cannot understand how such an important communication resource, such as YouTube, as a dependency of a respected firm like Google, can allow such irresponsible people and charlatans to use these means to infest with false news the world that deserves the respect of all. . This is really of great concern to me, and I think it is high time, that people thirsty for information, begin to reevaluate the media and advertisers, because the Machiavellian people are taking advantage of the ignorance and innocence of many, to flood the world. with lies and with fallacy. By Derwell J Fallu


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