Love, the light of mortals.

These days, where the pandemic generated by the dangerous and deadly Covid-19, has forced us into a physical social distancing, it seems so difficult that, for the first time, we fall in love with someone. It is that the fears of being infected, and the precaution to avoid contagion by deadly disease, in many aspects of daily living, life has changed us.

But how can I deny my heart, that I love you, how can I deny my heart this beautiful feeling that has been born in my chest for you! How to deny my soul that I need you and that I want you to be an important part of history and of all the events of my life, a memory, and of my memory, an eternal present!

Because of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, beyond my fears, this feeling of mine is for you, stronger than pain and death, this blessed feeling; I am so in love with you! And nothing matters more to me than having you, than thinking about you, that you will live with me by my side forever; because this that I feel for you, drives away my fears of dying, because if you are the companion of my life, then I will have found my reason for being and living. So I will be able to continue with great satisfaction my way on my way to the eternal, because love is the light, that all mortals must accompany us on the way to infinity in this universe. By Derwell J Fallu


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