Inside a bonfire that doesn’t burn!

Beautiful smile! The one that you have given me today. Sweet smile that radiates joy and happiness. Beautiful for the memory of a year that ends, and beautiful your smile for a good year to start. To my great happiness! All the good feeling of your beautiful heart is for me, all of you, a good and beautiful soul and that makes me so happy! There is no distance between you and me, we are united by the force of love, as a rare thing in life, as an invisible bridge in transition through the love that unites us, our lives go from year to year. Wonders of love! Idyll, enthusiasm and passion. Fire that springs from the heart, and although you live within its burning flame, it is a bonfire that does not burn your soul. Oh! Divine creator of heaven, how beautiful you made this woman that I love so much! Thanks thanks; of gratitude for you Oh! God, I have my soul full, because you have given me so much in this beautiful woman! That I have more than enough. By Derwell J Fallu


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