This is my opinion, and a sad truth:

I always believed that President Tromp is an ambitious businessman, whose passion and obsession is in the field of finance, but not a leader who could successfully assume the reins of a country like the United States of America. The United States needs an impartial man or woman, who is not faint-hearted, but a person of steel temper, who must have sufficient self-control and will to assume and manage with responsibility and objectivity issues of a social nature, health, those of an international nature; de todas formas! That he is not only someone focused on one or more issues, only his passion, but that he looks, first of all, for those things that a president and leader must watch over, and care for his country. With much respect I say it, I believe that our president speaks more and does less. The results of any promise can only be seen in the field of action. Dreams are born in the heart and evolve in the mind, but they will only serve, when the execution of a good action plan, achieves that, not only, is it something that we have in the mind and in the heart, but even the eyes can see it literally and the hands can feel it, because what only existed within us has gone from being just a dream to a reality that everyone can appreciate. The United States is a country with a huge statistic of undocumented citizens, and although it may seem like a paradox, that, although they constitute a powerful machinery of progress for the nation, because they represent the labor force, the labor machinery of progress of the country This has been a very neglected topic by President Trump, as well as many others. It is that this has not been treated as an element of a social and human nature, but in many cases, we can recognize that it has been a discriminatory issue. Today with the Coronavirus, it must be something really embarrassing for the administration of President Trump, which although, the USA was not the country where this pandemic started, and also, it is not among the first countries infected with Covid-19, The United States is the country with the highest statistics in infections and deaths, with numbers that exceed one million infested and more than 83,000 deaths from Coronavirus. In my opinion, among many other possible reasons for the sadness of this event, is that we know that in the US there is a very high population of undocumented immigrants, and that they have been neglected and persecuted as the worst criminals in the entire earth , those people who He only struggles to live, for a better destiny he goes underground without proper assistance, especially in these moments of global crisis due to the pandemic, making him an easy target of the Coronavirus due to the terrible vulnerability, to which the government has exposed them, I hold them personally responsible for the inhumane way in which they have treated these people, who, like everyone else, have rights to live and be happy, because, more than thinking about people, as citizens of the United States , or from any other nation or country, we are all citizens of the world and deserve equal treatment. It is difficult, and it is very painful, that in our days we cannot find men like Abraham Lincoln, but greedy and selfish people. By Derwell J Fallu


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