In the rain, walking on the mud!

We are climbing the mountain of life, and it is raining, so our path has become swampy and slippery, making our progress more difficult. It is one of the few times that in the history of life, adverse destiny seems to measure everyone equally; rich and poor, black and white, a situation that makes no difference between social classes, or titles, race or language; we are all under the terrible threat of death from the Coronavirus. This is a clear call for serious reflection, so that we all remember that, unlike animals, we are all equal; we are the “human race” and we all sail the same waters, in the same boat, in which the same event happens to all of us. It is time to remember that in the same direction, we must all row, if it is we want to save ourselves, because we are all for the same destiny, marked. By Derwell J Fallu


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