Come see our social platform, SGS! Things you can do with us:

Here are some of the many things you can do at SGS, our Puerto Rican social platform.

You can see all the public content of the Network; That is, what has been published on the home page, what has been published in the discussion forum, in the blog or in disgus, you can even see the comments that have been made in the FB comment plugin, from Twitter, in the network feed, or the WordPress news feed; You can view posted images and videos, but you cannot comment or post any item, unless you become a member or user of SGS.

You can easily and free create your account with us, so you can enjoy all the privileges of being a member of SGS:

Having your profile page in SGS, you can modify it whenever you want, you can add friends and contacts, invite other people to come to know the network and be part of it, you can send private letters to your friends and contacts, you can chat privately, in public or in a group in any of the two chat rooms that we have.

You can create your own blog of topics or discussion forum, or participate in others that have been previously created, you can participate in the club of friends from all nations, or create your own club.

On our social platform, you can make calls / videos, live and free conferences, via Skype. You can make advertising companies, raise funds for what you want; In SGS Chat, you can in addition to chat with other people, from other networks and people from anywhere in the world, you can also use our entertaining free games.

Among many other things you can do in SGS, you can respond to topics and comments made by other users on the network. You should not forget, that we are continuously and every day innovating to make our platform up to the competition level, and to be a safe, useful and fun online community for all our users and visitors.

Enter here:, and for your comfort, do not forget to download our application on your mobile device, tablet or pc, easily and very compactly.
The administration.


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