Is Trump guilty?

President Trump, from the beginning, handled his immigration policy very poorly, with the millions of undocumented immigrants currently on the homeland of the American Nation. But when, really, the president hung up on this issue, it was in the face of the world emergency, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. No wonder, that the United States, leads the highest numbers of infected and deaths, because of this terrible virus, since according to these undocumented citizens, they were neglected by the Trump government, in the face of such a colossal world emergency, leaving to millions of exposed and vulnerable human beings, the hardships and pain aggravated for these human beings, who, more than ever, found themselves helpless and abandoned, by a government for which they have contributed so much to their economy, representing the current force. labor, more outsized in the entire American Nation, where it was almost impossible for them to provide their food due to their status as undocumented in the shadows, and that, in addition, community aid and immigrant management organizations, they were inoperative, due to the pandemic emergency, and for the same reasons, almost no access to preventive measures, to prevent the spread of the contagion by the Covid-19.
I believe that the Trump government was quite negligent and inhumane, with this situation with the virus, and the undocumented immigrant population. I am sure that, in due course, God will pay you the bill, as the Lord usually does with the incompetent and unfaithful stewards. By Derwell J Fallu


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