I am not to blame for being a writer, I was born like that.

As much time helping and doing good to as many as I have been able, it seems that this award, or the recognition of some, has not deserved, and less of those who seem to have discovered a mistake, a lack in me, than more They have well used it as an excuse to hide their terrible sins with my fault, and they condemn me as the worst of evil; hypocrites! Those who condemn you to the scaffold, because they say that you have failed, that you have no right, because you made a mistake, that you have made a mistake. But how can thieves, adulterers, liars, corrupt and people without fear of God, find other culprits? How can anyone pretend to remove the straw from someone else’s eye, if the one in their own eye is much bigger? Hypocrites! Those who want to be judges, all being guilty. By Derwell J Fallu


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