Mom for me.

Remembering Mom, if she is alive among us, it is not good practice to only be done on those special days, such as mothers’ or on their birthdays, Mom alive, it must be something much bigger, than just a memory of one special date, Mom must be for each son and daughter, an eternal and beautiful present that we want to enjoy, and that with details and in a thousand ways, we must tell Mom, how much we love her, how much she means to us. Mom must know that she is the most important thing for us, that she is our reason for life, a beautiful inspiration for our happiness. Our mothers should not just be a sad memory, on the day of the dead, we should always think about her, about all those things she did and taught us, and not only believe that bringing a bouquet of flowers to her grave would honor her memory. Even after she is gone, Mom will guide our lives, with those wise advice that she gave us as children, with all the beautiful things that we always saw her do, the times that we remember her smiling, the tenderness of that look Mom, that we could not see in anyone else. Mom has to be for her children, more than just something beautiful to remember, a divine inspiration, to live and to love. By Derwell J Fallu


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