Controversy between Twitter and President Trump.

Attention: I as a creator of social networks, I want to make public knowledge, and in relation to the controversy that has been generated between Twitter and President Trump, that the language that computers interpret, and robot systems, as well as algorithms They are not perfect and may generate an error message. Users should be patient, and when they have any questions about messages that they receive as a response to any action, that they have made on the networks, and that they understand that it may be due to a mistake, my recommendation is that they try to get in Contact the administration or the network’s help department. There is a qualified team to examine whether or not an error has indeed occurred in the system. Express apologies will be an element in the corrective actions that will be taken to solve any errors that have been discovered. This is something that network creators and developers cannot control, it is like humans, there is not a single perfect one that has never made a mistake, so are machines, computers, applications, etc. But this is how they should resolve those issues, with communication. By Derwell J Fallu


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