What do you want from me?

Cheers! I am flattered by your words and your comments, these got my full attention. When it comes to finding someone with whom we want to relate as a couple, to share life and a destiny, something much more is needed than a simple impression of beauty. Because it is not by what the eyes see, by which two people who come together as a couple, face their destiny and the challenges that they may encounter in life, that magical fusion and the chemistry of internal feeling are needed, a binding force that it can arise from the heart to turn two souls into one. The vision of what life shared by the bonds of sacred marriage can mean, must understand more than just think about what can be offered sexually or intimately, it is about the absolute integration of lives, to assume with joint commitments, all the events that must be part of the daily life for those who have decided that the magic and mystery of a plural number manages to become a singular number; that is, it is when, two are no longer two, but one. Thanks again for your interest in connecting with me. Please visit our social platform at the following link, to learn more about me: http://www.sgs-sn.com By Derwell J Fallu


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