To love is…

Hello!  To love is, thanks again for contacting me.  In my previous letter I wrote you a lot, only I did it through a page link.  Maybe if you had read it, you would not have felt that bad, because it was not my intention that you felt that way.  As I told you in my previous letter, I appreciate that you have contacted me.  And, for that reason, I am not a boy, that for a couple relationship, simply looking for a woman to be beautiful, I am not the type of person, who impresses me, a woman, her beauty, when it comes to  share with her life and our destiny as a couple or as a family …  To you I say, that the woman who thinks of me, as the boy of her life and of her history, first she has to know, that if she is to share her life and destiny with me, she must start by supporting me in my projects  and make them hers, like hers, I would also make them mine.  So, to start considering having a link with me, she must start by clicking on the following link,, and open her free profile account, on our interactive social network and contacts  SGS SN, for me to understand that she really is seriously interested in being part of my life.  From her, not being willing to do something as simple as that, is like wasting time on something that you know will not work.  By Derwell J Fallu


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