She just wants to run away from her loneliness.

Sky! I really want you to want to be in my life, and be that love, that in the beauty of a sweet smile, I can see my dreams come true every day, and be you, the most important part of my life; That you make me think of you, and still miss you, when we are face to face sharing our moments together, that you are at will and willing to be my life, you my partner, that I can always count on you. Because this is supposed to be the relationship that has a future. I want to see you more than just a girl, whom you want to flee from loneliness, that woman in whom I can see a future in the construction of a solid family, of those families that unite for love, in such a way! That only death can separate them, because their love is one that is foolproof, where they can navigate in the midst of any circumstance, without major problems. By Derwell J Fallu


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