I wonder?

Sometimes I wonder; it will be true that you want with you, by your side and in your life, a man like me, that I believe in love, that I know very well the forms and mysteries of true love, that I know how to treat a woman well , so that she feels that next to me, that she lives her most beautiful dream. What would you be willing to do, so that I am your man, the one with whom you would be willing to share with me your life and destiny, and to build a beautiful family of both? Why let time take it with him, our chance to live what you and I have dreamed of? Why, rather, do we not do what we have to do, to start building our history and living the happiness that we both deserve together? Let’s face it, what we have to face, and don’t waste any more time, and let’s enjoy sip by sip, the little moments of happiness, that by being together, and belonging to each other, life will give us. By Derwell Fallu


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