We were wrong!

Regards! Barbara, I understand your great concern, which we have all had to go through, thanks to the lousy Trump administration and its workforce. I know that some of your team members are ashamed, like us, for representing Trump and his government of failure. Millions of Americans suffer from the inefficiency of Trump and his administration, and hundreds of thousands have died and continue to die from the same causes. Undoubtedly, for all of us who love our great nation, and our chest is inflated with pride for our values, our justice system, and for all that has given us the merit in the world, of being recognized as the most powerful of the planet, today, we feel shame and a painful regret for having been represented by someone who truly does not meet the expectations that the highest leader must meet, who must take responsibility for managing our nation’s resources and governing with equity and justice to the people. It was a big mistake, choosing a man who does not have the strength to be a leader, but a passionate financier, who learned the art of making and accumulating wealth, just by being a wealthy man, from the business world. We were wrong! Because to govern a successful nation, like the United States of America, it takes more than an ambitious businessman, it takes someone, who burns in his chest the passion for those things, which are what led this nation to the summit where everyone can see it, you need a man with intelligence, with wisdom, with capacity; but above all, a man or woman who has a true fear of God in their hearts. We know that President Trump is not that man, because someone who seems to promote discrimination based on race or skin color, is far from thinking that there is a little fear of God in his heart. I believe that conscious Americans, and that we know that despite the critical and historical moment that we have had to live, we should thank God, because we also have the opportunity to change the course of our history as a people and as a nation. ; President Joe Biden is a reality of change for all of us, he is the light at the end of the critical tunnel through which the Coronavirus has led us and the mismanagement of this government of failure. This is the time to make amends, this is the time for a big change! By Derwell Fallu


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