The hour of the great change has arrived! United States of America, stands up to the fight!

Positive Attitude! We have to infect people with a campaign of a positive attitude, We are going to rescue our values, our economy; we are going for the health and safety of our people; Our fight is firm, because we have to stabilize the country, we have already lost too many people with the covid-19, and we suffer the tragedy and shame of being the nation with the most infected and dead people in the entire planet, due to this deadly virus and of terror. We have to win this battle against the coronavirus and we must regain control of our nation, but it will not be with this government that has plunged us into the greatest disgrace in our entire history as a people; Because we are all america, we must fight together to get the inept out of the white house. We cannot continue leaving in the hands of those incompetents, who have let the covid-19 murder and make so many citizens sick; the entire nation is in mourning! the economy on the floor, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs, the future of our dreamy immigrants, is uncertain due to the inhuman persecution and abandonment to which all these men and women have been exposed, and decent and honest families, who are the machinery worker who moves the economy of our country. It’s imperative! that we have to end the government of incompetence. Their fallacy and their lies can never speak louder than the painful truth of the disaster that today, and thanks to this inept government, all the citizens of the nation suffer. It’s time for the big change! Americans must make a drastic change of direction, and remove from the white house those who light the fire of racial discrimination, to return to the country of immigrants, reason and all those things that have made us the most powerful and respected nation in all the planet. The American people, on November 3, have to vote for Joe Biden and his winning team, to end the government of failure and incompetence. I make a call, and I call on the people, to unite, professionals, businessmen and students; To all the inhabitants of the country so that we can come together, together on November 3 to the polls to give our vote to Joe Biden and his winning team, which will get the United States of America out of this disaster, and that will put the country on the right path of future and progress. By Derwell Fallu


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