Beautiful and very valuable the jewel of my life!

In the bowels of the earth, as well as in the sands that are in the waters of the rivers, God put gold and precious stones, coveted and sought by all. But in the womb of a divine woman, who knows well, where in the world, God put there, between the waters and the blood that flow within her, the most valuable jewel of my life! And I already found it, it was necessary the miracle of the fusion of the feeling of two hearts, that got in tune, that agreed to experience the same thing, want the same thing and look for a destiny, its same objective; and the miracle of chemistry, which makes not only two souls coincide, but these souls also become one. You, the woman of my life, for whom everything in me manages to make sense, for which, also, I am happy, so you make that in this world, I feel that I am alive! Divine woman, beautiful jewel of my life, for which I knew love and happiness and the good and beautiful things in life. By Derwell Fallu


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