Congratulations! To the Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States of America!

I want to congratulate the team of judges of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, because, faced with the great threat posed by the arrogant, arrogant and inept of the current president we have; Donald Trump, the judges of the Supreme Court, have developed their role very well, not only by correctly interpreting the laws of the United States, but they have been vertical in their willingness to comply and enforce the laws. Because it would have been very sad, and very regrettable, for many citizens, and for the country, if the Supreme Court justices had been corrupted to attend to the whimsical and inhumane requests of President Trump, by wanting to strip them of their rights, and their legitimate citizenship that belongs to every citizen child, born in the United States, to immigrant parents.
Like, like, other whimsical intentions of President Trump, and that reflect his discriminatory character, by wanting to harm and deprive hard-working and honest citizens, as well as, pretending to believe that his position as president of the nation, gives him the power to remove visas from students who are preparing to be better trained, not only to face their own future, but also the future of the world.
President Trump has not only been very selfish in many things and claims, but he has also denied himself, his responsibility and his duty to act with justice, fairness and good sense in many things, when making decisions and to exercise his position as the president of the nation. The United States, with the reputation that we have as a nation before the world, we do not deserve a president of so many mistakes, and so incompetent. I reiterate my congratulations to the judges that make up the entire team of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. For the nation, you are doing well! Now, we citizens are going to do better, and on November 3, once and for all, let’s get Trump and his team out of failure from the White House and the Oval Office. By Derwell Fallu


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