Trump should not continue to be the president of the nation.

We have a President, who has been terribly inefficient in taking care of the health of the nation’s citizens, as well as many other important issues, and of a priority nature. Today we have read that although it is in the federal government’s laws, Trump says that they will not admit undocumented citizens who are living in the country to the census, all this because Trump has been in contention all the time with the laws by which The nation is governed, and if it were not for the honorable judges we have in the Supreme Court, Trump would have become the first American dictator, but these judges have denied him all his unconstitutional requests in every fight; such as taking billions of monies for the construction of a wall that does not require that, at this time, that the country’s economy be on the floor, be squandered. On the other hand, he denied his intention to destroy DACA, and that stupid request not to recognize as American citizens, children who were born in the USA, but to Latino parents, among many other equal measures. but that the supreme court has denied them all. This shows that Trump has not come to govern with equity and justice, but has wanted to impose above justice, his obsession and his racist spirit. He has wanted to get out of the lane, the true ideals for which the true patriots men and women fought for our great nation. Not to mention the hatred and abandonment he has manifested for Puerto Rico. It must be seen, that Trump does not seem to be a very good person, when his own niece, writes a book to share the nature and conduct of her relative … in her own words, she referred to her uncle Donald Trump in his book, like his family has created the most dangerous man in the world, and that Trump is unfit to continue driving destinies and managing the country’s resources. If his own niece said it and John Bolton his trusted advisor, who was with him as his right hand, I think that you should look and think about Trump with a lot of reserve.
Trump finally acknowledged his mistake, at least in this.
Coronavirus cases have increased in recent weeks, and many states have become hot spots again after trying to reopen their local economies.
During a conference today, Trump admitted that things will likely get worse before they get better.
But in a surprising 180-degree turn, Trump changed his stance on masks and recommended that Americans wear them when they cannot practice social distancing.
Overall, while Trump appears to remain optimistic, he now seems to realize that beating the coronavirus will be more difficult than he had originally anticipated. I do not know what could have been in Trump’s mind, when he referred to the coronavirus, as a simple cold that people suffer, and that he recovers very soon. But what about in the United States, we have the country with the most cases of contagion and death in the world, if we remember that this did not start there, but in Europe, and that the Europeans have known how to control this terrible threat that it represents this virus for the health of all the citizens of the planet .. His erroneous interpretation of what this deadly virus really is, has made Trump the most inefficient leader on the entire planet, to trust him, the health of all the citizens of the nation. Their arrogance, their ignorance and their arrogance have been the main barriers, which have not allowed them to follow the recommendations of professionals and experts, in terms of health. Thanks to the stubbornness and inefficiency of President Trump, there are already more than 141,000 citizens killed by the virus, and nearly 4,000,000 infected, and the numbers continue to rise unstoppable. The nation has to rethink, if continue with someone like that, at the helm and driving the country’s destinies, now that we are in the opportunity to get it out of the white house, and think about installing someone who really cares about the health and wellness of all Americans. By Derwell, Fallu


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