Do you need a partner? Why and for what?

Hi! The family environment, for everyone, must mean the most important type of society, and one that we should take care of in developing the bonds and elements that strengthen it and keep them together.
However, the strongest branch of the family nucleus is usually dad, mom, children and grandparents. Being a member of that group, in addition to being a huge blessing, should be a privilege, which we should enjoy to the fullest.
For these reasons, I think that the elements that work to solidify this branch of the family nucleus should be worked on, avoiding trivialities and all those things that are dangerous and harmful to family health.
Obviously, that, for this to happen, we must consider a serious principle of purpose and construction, and not base the family on accidental or accidental events, but on those, where the bases of the family constitution are mutual love. and true, and a planning of conscience, based on that love and desire or wanting to do it.
A family cannot be established or built, under the pretext that two people have resolved to unite as a couple, they both like each other, because it would be too ugly and abusive, if in the course of that relationship, one of the parties abandons the another, under the pretext that she found someone else, that she likes more, and that she finds it prettier, even, even when there are already children involved.
In a truly functional relationship, the elements of mutual love, commitment and responsibility should not be missing, and the knowledge that when facing a destiny together, the challenges of life, must be faced together, and the circumstances; joys and sorrows, abundance and scarcity; everything must be assumed together, with a good economic plan and fight, to take responsibly what comes.
Families should not be destroyed, but only by death, because it is the duty of each parent to keep the family nucleus strengthened, with example, love, effort and sacrifice.
It’s nice! I would say, very nice, that each couple is beautiful to their other part, and that you let them know often with their details, and in more than a thousand ways that we know, but never a couple should see the other beautiful or pretty , in relation to another person, because otherwise, that relationship would not be based on the fusion of a family feeling, which has the magic of authenticating individuals, to feel and know that they are members of a single family, which cannot be compared to other families in any way possible.
What are you looking for in someone else? Someone with whom to spend and share only intimate and fun moments, or someone of your coincidence, whom to love and with whom to merge into feelings, goals, purposes and dreams?
In my case, it is the second person that I am looking for, because with her and only her, I will be willing to share my life and build a beautiful family. By Derwell Fallu


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