The girl of only a dream,

I have to admit it; There are moments that sometimes it is so difficult for us to do or have what we want or what we want. And it is when life and moments demand of us a greater sacrifice.

Hi! The girl from a dream, , I must start my letter today, thanking you, for your valuable time and sacrifice, that you take to write your letters for me, and to show me in them, the value and all the beauty of all your feelings.

You can not, less than, be very lucky in life, when we manage to conquer, much more than just the attention of someone so distant, and to whom we have never seen or had intimate contact, and more personalized, than just, letter letters and some photo images.

It is so amazing! What this simple form of contact can provoke to the hearts of two souls, who, in the distance, yearn to achieve someday, to fulfill their most exciting dream, of that happiness of being able to find their soul mate, of life, their partner.

We cannot deny ourselves, that this is surely the task of each human being, the most difficult in life, to be able to find someone of our coincidence, that person with whom we will perfectly merge into feelings, goals, dreams and purposes, with that creature, with which we have to fit perfectly, in terms of being what the two of them have to want and feel for each other. But I have to thank heaven for your letters, these that, from somewhere in the universe come to me from you, as one of those great miracles, that come on the wings of a destination to surprise us and to change our lives, as perhaps, in no other way could this be possible.

I will finish, for now, my letter, because of the pressing time, but I promise you that, in future opportunities, my lyrics will tell you more than you would like to know about me. I have become an accomplice to this destiny, which has taken it upon itself to carry our wishes and the unique opportunity of you and me on its wings, to get to know each other more, with the possibilities, not only to discover if we are part of each other. of our most beautiful and important dream of life, but also, to be able to build it hall by hall, and to live it.

Until my next and your next letter.
By Derwell Fallu


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