Antidote of love.

My soul is sick, and my heart is also sick by this loneliness that encapsulates me in this bubble of my desires for you, and that I cannot satisfy, being you, so far from me. My lips are parched, because I have not tasted of the honey from your kisses, in all these years. My soul does not tire of sighing for you, and this feeling in my heart, that burns inside my chest, like burning embers that never go out! I’m sick of love for you, this need to want to hold you in my arms chokes me, the feeling hurts for missing you so much. For loving you like this and not having you, I am sick; I know! It hurts so much! I dont know, what to do. And, although it seems that, because of this illusion, that disturbs my life, I am going crazy, still in love, I cannot find my antidote. By Derwell Fallu


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