What I was afraid of!

What I was afraid of! President Trump is afraid of the reality of the November 3 election, he knows he is rowing against the current, and that he needs time to see if the winds could change in his favor. But sadly, fate is set, and there isn’t much Trump can do to change that. What he could not do in his entire period, do not even pretend that you can do it in just days. I know that there are many citizens who have conscience, and a lot of common sense, but above all, they love their nation, and not all of Trump’s money will buy the conscience of the citizens, nor will it cloud the common sense of the voters. His actions are there, in the eyes of the whole world, and these, have not earned him the necessary popularity, before the electing people, so that he can feel confident that on November 3, he could comfortably win the elections. By Derwell Fallu


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