Alert! The world has to know this …

Alert! The world has to know this …
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Alert! The world has to know this …
Posted on August 1, 2020 by Communicating Our Vision • Posted in Send us your comments • Leave a comment7179830689? Profile = RESIZE_400x
When Covid-19 was discovered in China, where its birth apparently took place, alarms went off, and the Chinese government began to take the necessary measures to combat the deadly virus. However, very quickly, this it spread through Italy, France and Spain. In China, they continued to establish drastic measures, until they quickly controlled the spread of the virus.
However; the governments of Italy, France and Spain kept the alarms on, because the deadly virus spread with great speed through these countries. They continued with their contingency plan against the virus.
The governments of the countries of the world began to take preventive measures, in view of the imminent threat that the virus posed to the entire world, since it could easily spread by sea, rail and air communication routes.
It was a long time before the virus reached the United States, and European countries continued their battle against the Coronavirus, while China had apparently taken complete control of the virus. Isolated cases in the United States were beginning to be reported, and it was believed that there was a cruise with several people infected with the virus, so the ship was quarantined for several days.
In Europe, it was beginning to take control of the virus, although the dead and infected, already numbered in the thousands. USA, mysteriously took the lead, in deaths and infections, to this day, which is counted the disturbing sum exceeding the more than 4.2 million infected, and the more than 680,000 people killed by the virus.
Compared to Spain, one of the first countries to arrive the virus, which for more than two months, has not exceeded more than 28,400 deaths, and 288,000 infected, those numbers have remained in control, without increasing much for weeks. But the difference is too great, from the numbers of the United States, in relation to those of Spain and its neighboring countries.
What has happened to Trump and his government, which has allowed so many people to die, and so many people to be infected with the virus? Is this not an evident proof of the incompetence of President Trump and his government? Should we continue to entrust public safety and health to a president, who has not managed to handle this situation of the pandemic, nor has he known how to protect the health and safety of the nation’s citizens?
It must be a shame for President Donald Trump, who, even Puerto Rico, has managed to manage this situation and keep the virus in more or less control, but President Trump, at present, is far from implementing a plan that reflects the hope of that finally, the cursed and murderous Coronavirus will be taken control. I think that if he has a little dignity left, Donald Trump should resign. Please share this message.By Derwell Fallu


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