Responding to Eduardo Bhatia:

Expressions authorized by Senator Eduardo Bhatia, candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, after the decision of the Department of Justice rejecting the statehood plebiscite “yes or no”
“My request to the governor in the face of these new developments is that she include in the Extraordinary Session a project to repeal that plebiscite. Failure to do so would make the PNP leadership again complicit in the lie, confusion and false dreams of the country. That it is democratic corruption. “
As I have said on countless occasions, the United States government reaffirms that the voters of the island have not rejected the Commonwealth, and that in any consultation regarding the future of the political relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States, it has than to be present. It is great news. This instrument of social justice and economic development has the support of hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans who felt excluded (“disenfranchised”) with this plebiscite. Once again, it is the turn of the United States Department of Justice to call attention to it and correct exclusive legislation of the New Progressive Party that violates basic democratic principles Shame should be given to those who aspire to make Puerto Rico the 51st state but refuse to assimilate the values ​​of American democracy.
I call for the people of Puerto Rico to be spoken to the truth. Without the endorsement of the Department of Justice and without congressional endorsement, that plebiscite is nothing more than a great distraction at a time when Puerto Rico suffers the abandonment and corruption of this government. My request to the governor in the face of these new developments is to include in the Special Session a project to repeal that plebiscite. Failure to do so would make the PNP leadership again complicit in the lie, confusion and false dreams of the country. That is democratic corruption.

The problem of Status for Puerto Rico is not a matter of a particular political party, but a matter of potential violation of human rights.
The island’s situation fits in with the human rights issue, classified as a colonial situation, which violates human principles of relationship and social integration, and which is in line with the laws that have to do with social behavior in our modern times. .
Our current kind of relationship with the American nation not only violates our equality rights, to which we must participate with the other states of the union, but it also keeps us in the category of a colonial situation, which the The right to sovereignty as a free nation or country, but neither does it recognize the autonomous rights of an incorporated or associated territory, so that we do not enjoy any privilege before world society as a free country, or as an incorporated territory.
Thus, our reality as a people falls into the colonial category of slavery, of a system that violates all the ethics canons of the World Organization for Human Rights, and that refers to these ends.
Attributing to a lying dream, the ideology that frames a petition and that claims a state law, would not be responsible, when measured and viewed in light of constitutional laws, and as contemplated in the body for these purposes, {Organization Human Rights International} but neither would it be patriotic or smart to settle for a Status that reduces or nullifies our rights as a society, and renders our values ​​invisible to the world; That would not be fair to be part of a conformism that condemns us to a level of slavery, in a modern world, where we all have rights to be free or participate in equal rights.
Faced with this dilemma, in my opinion, it would be the most sensible thing, and for all the time it has already been, for us to be born Americans, being Puerto Ricans, to demand a Status that allows us to participate in equal rights, and not settle for the crumb of a category of second or third class citizens, who do not even recognize the right to vote in the general elections, to choose the president who will have to take charge of destiny, and the administration of the resources of the country to which we are supposed to belong .
But also, claiming independence, this would not be wise, because this would put us at a disadvantage, in terms of achieving progress and a better future, which would not be possible in the short, medium or long term. By Derwell Fallu


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