Please, review my response to the President, Joe Biden:

Please, review my response to the President, Joe Biden:

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My plan for racial economic equity

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Derwell —

Over the past few weeks, I’ve emailed you to talk about the first three planks of my economic recovery plan, Build Back Better.

These planks lay out how I’ll make historic investments in American manufacturing and innovation, in clean energy jobs and infrastructure that will meet the climate crisis head-on, and in building a caring economy that eases the burden on caregivers.

Each of these plans intentionally deals with systemic racism and advances racial equity in our economy. But that isn’t enough, so I’m laying out the fourth plank of Build Back Better — advancing racial equity across the American economy, not just as part of the other pillars of Build Back Better, but in its own right.

I’ll explain more in a moment. But if you’re with me in this fight to advance racial equity across this country, can you make another donation to my campaign today to show our collective commitment? We can make this plan a reality, but we can’t do that without beating Donald Trump first.

For generations, Americans who are Black, Brown, Asian American, Native American, or immigrants, haven’t always been fully included in our democracy or our economy. Derwell, here’s how my bold, practical plan will help build a stronger, more just, more sustainable economy — where everyone is included in the deal.

To start, we’ll create a new Small Business Opportunity Fund. This fund will dramatically expand a successful Obama-Biden initiative that generated more than $5 in private investment for every $1 in public investment in small businesses — particularly in hard-pressed areas. With a $30 billion initial investment, we will make sure that those with the best ideas are not denied the venture capital or financing they need because of their race or ZIP code.

And to further support Black and Brown small businesses, fifty percent of emergency small business relief would be reserved for the smallest businesses with 50 employees or fewer, including micro-businesses and sole proprietorships. This would help minority-owned businesses get life-saving loans before more well-connected businesses jump ahead in line.

Next, we’ll expand access to homeownership in Black and Brown communities. The homeownership gap is a cause and consequence of the racial wealth gap. That’s why my housing plan includes a $15,000 first-time home-buyer tax credit, expands affordable housing, and puts an end to systemic housing discrimination. This will remove barriers to homeownership that now hold back too many Americans of color on the pathway to the middle class.

And I’ll strengthen the Federal Reserve’s focus on racial economic equity. Under my plan, the Fed will aggressively target persistent racial gaps in jobs, wages, and wealth — and revise its own hiring and employment practices to achieve greater diversity at all levels of the institution. So when the Chairman of the Federal Reserve provides a report on the health of the economy — we’ll know if the economy is working for everyone.

Derwell, these are just some of the real, concrete steps we can take to advance racial economic equity across the United States.

This is progress we can make if we fight for it, together. So, Derwell, if you’re ready to build back our economy better than it was before Trump and the coronavirus, and make sure we make progress towards racial economic equity:

Will you make your next contribution to this campaign today so we can fight to make this plan a reality? Whatever you’re able to give will make a real difference.

Thank you,

Joe Biden

Please review my response to the President, Joe Biden:

President Biden, Greetings! I think it will be a good start, and precisely, that will be what his campaign slogan means; “Return the soul to the nation.” Because All Americans must be reminded of the foundations on which our great country was founded. “On the truth, that all men are equal.”

It should not be forgotten that the United States of America is a country of immigrants, which made it the great country of dreams, where travelers from all over the world see American soil as a wonderful opportunity to achieve their futuristic dreams, and to be free like the Eagle that when flying over the skies, impresses all of us with the magic of the fall and the power that the beautiful bird makes its flight;

a perfect symbol of freedom, to which all men have a right.

Immigration is a powerful resource that our country must know how to take advantage of and manage very well, because we cannot ignore that immigrants are a power resource that, used correctly, promotes and solidifies our economic apparatus.

Another element, and the one that I consider the most important of all, and which, also, should mean, “Returning the soul to the nation” is the nature, devotion, and practice that Americans develop into the supreme invisible, whom we put always in everything first, because our conviction made us understand that all the glory and power that our nation won before the world, was thanks to our dependence, faith and devotion to God, the almighty and creator of all things.

The great success of America, without a doubt, was due to the fact that we Americans gave primacy to God in everything, and we all know that, when the politicians of the nation began to think that the power of our country and the glory we achieved, was money and its most selfish ambitions, and they understood that God had to be removed from schools, from our government institutions, and definitely from the nation to impose his own wisdom and his own strength, all We knew that, with this, the United States of America had made the worst mistake in its entire history as a people and as a nation, and that the results of imminent failure in all our affairs, would not wait; “With God everything, without Him nothing.”

And, there we have it, a nation in free fall on all issues; social, economic, health, etc. By Derwell Fallu

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