Results of a wrong choice; a country in mourning!

We do not miss the immediate attacks of President Trump, towards the running mate of candidate Joe Biden, and towards Biden himself, for having made such an intelligent and sensible choice, since no one should feel proud of a president like Trump, arrogant, inept. , cowardly, to whom, in certain measures, we owe the disaster that the nation is experiencing today due to the Coronavirus, among many other issues; and, that also, he has proven to be a racist man, with a certain contempt for people of color, and we have also seen him show his contempt and lack of respect for women, that sacred being, who, not only, to our side put God, with great virtues to complement the nature of man, but, also, it is the only reproductive resource that provides life to all; man or woman equally. Just remember, back in the days of the debate 4 years ago, when Trump addressed
with despicable words towards Mrs. Hillary Clinton, and, in a general sense, all women he denigrated with words, which should not be those of a gentleman, when it comes to addressing a man to a woman … the truth, Many of us were surprised that someone like that could have won the presidential elections at that time. Today we cannot deny ourselves the results of that wrong choice. By Derwell Fallu


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