United in this fight for equal rights and opportunities for all.

Kamala Harris, Cheers! It is my pleasure to meet you. I was moved and cried with your message, which you sent me today. It is that her words delved into my heart, and found mine; for what I believe and for what I also fight. I look at you, and I see you, and I can understand that you are the image of a truly patriotic woman of soul and feelings, who in her words and in her management shows the true sensitivity that is needed to serve people; and very especially, to the most vulnerable and needy.
I suppose Joe Biden or anyone on the team has told you that I am also, hand in hand, waging this fight with you, to get Donald Trump out of the White House. If the Latino vote does not work out, or seems insufficient to achieve this objective, then I have no doubt that the right choice of taking you, as President Biden’s running mate, will win, not only, the vote. of people of color, {those people who have also suffered the pain of discrimination, of which they have been subjected, by Donald Trump}, but we are also going to win the vote of women, who have suffered for the contempt and lack of respect of a president who believes that for him the only thing that counts and is worth is his money.
It is time to make Trump see that the nation is much bigger than what he believes, that our country expresses in the Constitution exactly what we Americans are; a country where all people should be considered with equal rights and opportunities. Because we are all America, America rises! By Derwell Fallu


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