Mrs. Nancy, I trust in God, that Trump will not validate a second term as president of the United States!

Mrs. Nancy, my respects to you. It is not the first time that Trump has disrespectfully directed against women, as if he himself were not born of one. No wonder his own niece spoke of her own uncle, {Trump}, in these terms; “My family gave birth to the most dangerous man in the world, Trump is not fit to continue being the president of the United States.” End the appointment.
No person born of a woman should feel proud with the representation in the highest leadership, of a man, whose own family considers it dangerous, and without the due preparation for it. But even less, when this person has no respect for women, that “divine” being that God created, not only to give true representation to man, but also to be our resource in life. I do not applaud any man, who does not show due respect for women.
I was surprised that someone like this won the elections that year, where no one was oblivious to Trump’s public behavior, in relation to his treatment of women, and that discriminating spirit that this man breathes against people of skin color , and of the Latin race.
We have seen him speak plague of our State, {Puerto Rico}, and few actions to shake hands as American citizens that we are, when we have needed him in times of crisis; Before, well, he has used the faults of our leaders, as an excuse for not doing what was due for the citizens, as if the rest of the population were to blame for the mistakes that our politicians make.
Trump is not my candidate of choice, because I do not see in him, nor the ability to be the president who can be entrusted with the destinies of progress and a better future for our nation, nor do I find in him the true sensitivity that he owes have a leader to serve the citizenry, and that empathy that a great and good leader must have with people.
Don’t worry about Trump anymore, Mrs. Nancy, I’ve already been worried about him for these last 4 years. Now because of my faith, my strength, my fight and my hope, this coming November 3, I see the light that illuminates the destiny of his end as president. I do not believe that our misfortune of having a president that we do not deserve goes beyond November 3, 2020, I do not believe that our suffering and despair over that terrible mistake should last longer! I trust in God. that Trump will not validate a second term as president of the United States. By Derwell Fallu


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