Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi, is a very sensitive woman, that she carries nailed in her soul, the love for her country, and in her heart she suffers the injustices that citizens go through, because of those opportunists and the unconscious, who think no more, than alone, in themselves.
This woman loves her country, because she believes in the values on which it was founded, because she is a woman of great human sensitivity, and who identifies with the needs of the citizens, which she carries in her soul.
She lives to serve, and she is very happy if she can see that the nation continues steadfast on the goals for which those men and women fought to make us a great nation today; a country of immigrants, which believes in the sublime truth, that all men are equal, and that we must all participate in equal opportunities.
This is my way of describing that big woman, Nancy Pelosi, who because she is who she is, has already engraved her name in my heart. By Derwell Fallu


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