President Donald Trump, women must be respected, and every real man knows this!

President Donald Trump, women must be respected, and every real man knows this!
Regardless of what anyone thinks about women, the truth is, women are powerfully linked to life and love. It is impossible to talk about life and love, without the woman being the main element that stands out in it.
Life needs a reason for being; a motive that inspires life, and that reason is love, and in the world of humans, nothing interprets life and love better than that divine being called woman!
When I see an individual like Donald Trump, expressing himself in a derogatory way of women, denigrating women with the use of vulgar and street words; without any respect for women, for me this man does not deserve to be taken into account for important leadership positions, where honor and responsibility are involved in representing the highest and greatest principles and values ​​that have to do with the highest configuration of the format of behavior and conduct of individuals.
I think that every woman, including her own wife of Donald Trump, should teach him a lesson at the polls, this November 3, voting for Trump against, so that he begins to see and realize that every woman must be respected, not only because of the fact that woman was created to be a companion, wife and ideal help of man, but because every man, before becoming a man, has to come to life as a child, through the womb of a woman as a child; child who must be fed by the mother’s breasts and be in her care, until he has grown sufficiently to be self-reliant.
You have to see how big a woman is! That men and women are all born of one, but never, neither one nor the other, can be born of a man. I demand that Trump show true respect for women, put aside his arrogance and his rustic character, so that he begins to understand that women have to be respected, and that his racist and denigrating campaign against her must be immediately removed from all media.
I also suggest to fellow creators of social networks, that you reconsider, if you should allow, that on your platforms, campaigns or messages should be published that insult or denigrate that divine being called woman. Women must be respected, and every real man knows it! By Derwell Fallu


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