This message is addressed to President Donald Trump:

I want to say to President Donald Trump that Puerto Ricans may be poor people, as you affirm, and as we also know, that there are many on the soil of our great nation, but Puerto Ricans are very decent and hardworking people, and not we are dirty people as you have said. We are not ashamed of being American citizens, just because we know that for us, you do not represent what the honorable American nation that bequeathed us by those good men, who founded it on the undeniable truth, that all Men are equal, and whose truth, they framed in the sacred Constitution of the nation, so that no man or woman can ever forget it! Your money and your arrogance took you so low, that we are very sorry, that, for that reason, not even God can see you, it is that God looks at you from afar. Psalms 138: 6 ESV For the Lord is exalted, and attends to the humble, But the proud he looks from afar. ESV 1960: King James Version By Derwell Fallu


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