The truth does not ask for permission.

I would like to excuse myself, for what I am going to say, but the truth can never do that, it must enjoy the respect of the whole world; But we all know, and when I say everyone, it is exactly what those words mean, that President Trump feeds the habit of lying, that practice is exercised with the intention of harming serious and hard-working people. It is evident that his campaigns with lying content have been withdrawn more than once from social media for that cause, someone like that is not worthy, nor does he deserve to represent the nation in such an honorable position, such as being the president. Becoming an accomplice of something so unworthy is worth nothing. Trump has lied to the country very often, because his training is based on that nefarious behavior, and not all his money could cover his great fault, that black stain that he carries on his soul; I am not honored, and neither do many others, that Donald Trump is unfortunately the president of all Americans. By Derwell Fallu


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