America, in the grayer days of great mourning and terrible crisis that we live; a light turns on in the dark tunnel!

Thank you very much. Undoubtedly, all we have been doing in recent months is preparing the stage platform, which configures the history of true change that our great nation needs in these days of mourning and great crisis.
The story of change began, with the formation of the very heavy Biden / Harris ballot, where the combination of skin color can be seen represented, which breaks all paradigms of discrimination by race or color. And, on the other hand, that collaboration between man and woman, which was God’s idea, in his intention to create man and then woman, to place her by his side as a valuable resource of companionship and ideal help.
Faced with the bruised and inefficient work of Trump and his administration, this combination of true resources and human capacity, such as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the aspirations of President Trump, to validate a second term, truly positions it, very difficult up.
The charisma, the preparation, the patriotic love and the real interest to fight for the Americans, without discriminating by race or color, or any other issue, as well as, that force that moves this combination, to move our country forward, exceeds By far the weak management of Donald Trump, which has made it very clear that his greatest concern is not the safety of citizens, nor the health of the people, but his own personal interests and the satisfaction of his most selfish desires. To understand this, we just have to think about what the president has done, given the incredible loss of more than 170,000 people who have died from the Coronavirus, in just a few months. We have not seen him, not even send a message of comfort to relatives who have lost loved ones. Definitely, who represents us from the position of president, is someone who does not show the slightest compassion for the citizens, he is a cold person, not very empathetic, who does not seem to care what happens to our people.
The combination of all this sets the stage for Trump to be dealt the most forceful and shameful defeat anyone has ever heard of. Good job team! We are doing well, and we are more than ready to do better, when in January, candidate Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the entire leadership machine that makes up the Democratic Party take over the White House and Congress, to represent and to work hard for the future of all Americans, and for the recovery of the honor, progress, and lost power of the nation, under the leadership of Donald Trump and his failed administration. By Derwell Fallu


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