The change will take place.

Regards! Lady Jill, Thank you for your beautiful words to describe what Joe is, I know that he is like that, for the testimony of many other people who know him, and with whom, Joe shared some type of activity about his vocation to serve others.
That is something that is in him, something that is a part of him, from which he cannot detach himself;
The good thing about it all is that Joe is the kind of person and leader our nation needs assuming the most important leadership position in the White House.
It is also, for that reason, that we are united in this fight, because we want to take him there, because we know that from that position, he and Kamala Harris and the entire work team that makes them up, will do for the country what we need to get out. of this crisis and to retake the lost values, what it has done, that we have a divided nation and internally divided, which is impossible, that a divided kingdom can be maintained.
We are in this fight together, in the hope that on November 3, the change will take place. By Derwell Fallu


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