Cheap campaign of attacks, against honorable and hardworking people.

We have seen in our days, campaigns without much class, of attacks against men and women whose work in favor of citizenship speaks louder than those attacks, whose purpose is only to try to stain the good name of those people dedicated and consecrated to serve the people. To mention a name; President Barack Obama completed a term of service for the country, in any matter, along with Joe Biden with remarkable efficiency, in such a way that if a third term had been allowed, probably due to his good management, they would have re-validated for that third term. One of the many jobs that these men carried out was the capture in record time of Osama Bin Laden, a dangerous terrorist who did a lot of damage to the nation and the world, and whose operation to hunt down said terrorist is said to have been in charge of an outstanding woman, in whom many did not believe in her principles. However, the credit for the difficult capture of Osama Bin Laden, in addition to the excellent team that carried out the operation, falls on that brave woman, who was in charge of the direction of this incredible task. Joe Biden is accused of being a socialist, but the Democratic vision that inspires him, makes us think that this man is a patriotic hero, whose only concern is to work for the welfare of all American citizens, and to restore the unity of the social order , and rescue the values, on which the foundations on which our great nation was founded are established. They are good people who have honorably dedicated their lives to serving others, regardless of race or skin color. By Derwell Fallu


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