Horror money vs poor behavior in the dilemma:

Because a kingdom divided against itself does not remain: With a country as divided, as President Trump has, how does he claim he could revalidate a second term on November 3?
Trump has expressed great contempt for women, but women are already an indestructible force in the United States and the world; How do you intend to revalidate, without the vote of the woman who fights for her dignity?
Trump has shown an undeniable hatred and rejection against the Latino and immigrant community … how could he win the vote of Latinos, and of the families of immigrants who have suffered the contempt of President Trump?
No one can deny that because of promoting racism. Trump has divided and very polarized the country … how could Trump win the vote of that discriminated community, and of those who do not support, or support this criminal practice of discrimination?
Trump has done nothing to try to stop this epidemic that is eating thousands and thousands of citizens every day, he has been a man who seems oblivious to the pain of all those families that have lost relatives due to the Coronavirus … will win the vote of all those who feel unprotected in this terrible pandemic?

Trump feels a great contempt and a deep hatred for people of preference of the same sex … how would he win the vote of these people, if they know and know very well his hatred and his contempt for them?
All these groups of people are American citizens, who they vote, and to ignore that their will, and their vote at the polls, has the power to put and remove those who aspire to an elective public position, is a very serious mistake.
According to my analysis, for those who only see Trump’s money, as his great strength, and as an indestructible power, with which he can achieve what he proposes, do not forget, that the will and vote of these people affected by the conduct of President Donald Trump, can be more powerful than all his money, and according to my analysis, I do not see any possibility for the president to revalidate a second term at the polls.
I am very convinced that the number of people, whose dignity has been outraged by the attitude of President Donald Trump, is a very significant number, and who has the power to achieve an important change in these elections. By Derwell Fallu

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