The power of the vote!

I think that, in recent years, the voting people have matured a lot, in terms of realizing when politicians deserve the confidence of their votes, due to the progress that they have achieved through the performance of their tasks and services; but, above all, the honesty that they have shown, when they have known how to take advantage of their opportunity, that the people’s trust has granted them for some service position.
I believe that the days when people voted by blind motivation, generated by partisan political fanaticism, and by traditionalism attached to an inherited political ideal, have been left behind. Today people seek, more than empty proposals, adorned with beautiful words and with defamatory messages and full of lies, hatred and deceit, real proposals that guarantee the line of progress and security that must be promoted by honesty, capacity, dedication and dedication to service with the spirit of equity and justice, which should make a good public servant.
The vote of the people is not won today, based on defamatory advertising campaigns, which are carried out with the purpose of staining and damaging the reputation of honest and hard-working people, the people know who works and who does not, and who or who just waste time, wasting their opportunities; the vote of the conscientious and intelligent people is won on their own merits, when the conduct of the elected has generated that confidence, which for a specific task, can provide the power of the voter’s vote.
Because people no longer vote only, to facilitate opportunities for greedy and corrupt politicians, but for people who are known to come to provide their services and their capabilities, to promote the progress of our nation and our people; because they are paid for that, to manage the people’s resources well and efficiently.
The power of the vote must be well used, because the vote should not be thrown away with people who do not deserve it, who are not qualified and who do not come to fulfill their commitment to serve the people and to administer efficiently, with justice. and with equity, the resources of the nation; opportunity of service, which through the vote is entrusted to them. A politician needs more than just smear campaigns to win the vote; he needs to show that he is qualified for the position for which he is seeking, and that he has the will to honestly perform the service for which he is to be paid. By Derwell Fallu


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