“Lots of foam, and little chocolat.”

Those who saw Trump’s terrorist speech, at the convention, to accept his nomination, wanting to instill fear on the supporters of candidate Joe Biden, making him appear as an imminent danger to the country, if the people voted for him for the presidency; For all of us who know of Biden’s trajectory, as vice president of the country, and as a public servant, it seemed the most ridiculous thing that Trump could have done, in his convention activity. The testimony of thousands of citizens, of the character, honesty and form of service that has characterized Joe Biden, could never ridicule the malicious smear campaign, and liar of President Trump. Unfortunately, a man, who in 4 years could not do anything profitable for the country, but, on the contrary, spent his time on proposals that he did not find even in the courts, the support to carry out his absurd demands. Rather, he made a fool of the country, and to shame, when he got into Venezuela, with cheap threats against the dictator of Nicolas Maduro, who made fun of Trump and all those who represented his administration against the dictator Maduro.
He could not get it out, because with threats, no one can end a philosophy led by a dictatorial regime. Unlike President Obama, who was able to end the uncertainty to which the world was subjected, the terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Maduro knows about the old saying, “what a dog that barks doesn’t bite” And Trump, and his team, spent it all the time, just threatening the dictator, without any result, giving him the opportunity to make fun of the great American nation. A few words that describe President Trump very well, in his tenure as the President of the United States of America; “lots of foam, and little chocolate.” By Derwell Fallu


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