Donald Trump’s obsession!

Donald Trump’s obsession!

President Donald Trump is paranoid, with that, that they are going to do fraud, with the vote by mail thing. Look! For just once, please think about the American people, you still haven’t realized that the Coronavirus is killing thousands and thousands of citizens daily; Oh my God! It seems little to you, that there are already more than 182,000 dead and about 6,000,000 infested? Do you intend to justify with an alleged fraud the abusive defeat that you and your party will receive at the polls on November 3? And, let it be clear to you! The triumph of the Democratic Party, at the head with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, will not be due to the supposed fraud, it will be because you have not been a good president for the country. Latinos know how you and your party have treated them, the families of the children that you put into pens as if they were animals, they will not forgive you for the inhumane way that you treated those infants, dividing the families without a hint of remorse; The United States is living under your administration, the worst tragedy of death and disease, and you never talk about finding solutions, but only about seeing how you can revalidate a second term … you believe that you deserve to be the President of the States States of America? Feeding racial hatred and discrimination, dividing the country? Please, you are relying too much on your money for this, and this does not let you see the suffering of the people … Donald Trump, in January you are pa ‘out is going! By Derwell Fallu


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