Mrs. Nancy Pelosi

Regards! Nancy, the only thing that Trump has to try to re-validate a second term, is his money; for the rest, he does not have the credit of his work, neither of his reputation as a leader nor as a man, and most of the people who have the power to decide the elections, have dignity and love the country and the common feature of all citizens, more than just idolize a man, who does not deserve to be idolized by anyone, as we all know that he is a man who does not think of anyone else, only himself. So, dear Nancy; May your dignity of you, your honor and the merits that your struggle for the country and for our people have earned for you, keep you optimistic, away from any concern of being defeated, because the victory this time at the polls on On November 3, it is neither yours, nor is it President Donald Trump’s … this time the triumph will be for the American people, who are very clear about what these elections mean for the soul of the nation. By Derwell Fallu  


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