100 days! Great initiative of candidate Joe Biden, for the immigrant community; we will give you full support!

100 days! Great initiative of candidate Joe Biden, for the immigrant community; we will give you full support!

It is not only a humanistic vision, but also a sensible, well-reasoned decision.

Humanist, because the only thing that the immigrant community seeks is to achieve the dream of putting beans on the table for their children and family members so that they can eat, and to achieve, in every possible sense, a better quality of life for their own. , and that is not a crime; dreaming of a better future for yours and for the country and for its people, is something that ordinary people and normal people do.

Sensible and well reasoned, because the immigrant community, well worked, in any country is a machinery of economic and labor progress that is responsible for moving the economy at all possible levels.

A government that is not capable of including in its futuristic and progress projects a plan to include in its economic and development system, the immigrant community as a vision, in terms of growth and economic balance of the country, will result in a vision of leadership that is very opaque and of little scope …

Congratulations! Joe Biden, for his intention and his dream to include the immigrant community in his project to recover the country.

President Donald Trump has not only been a selfish and inhuman man, but a man with little or no ability to govern a country as large and powerful as the United States of America. I say it, responsibly!

Choosing Trump as the president of the USA was not only a very serious mistake, but also a very high risk and extremely dangerous decision.

We have seen him with his attitude and with his rhetoric in dealing with migrant workers, that during their stay in the United States, the only thing they are doing is moving the country’s economy from the agricultural fields, and in all commercial and economic sectors. and as a maniac promoter of racism that is Trump, and as an agitator of division in a country.

Everyone knows that the nature of the United States as a country is known as a nation that bases its reason for being, on the belief and defense of human freedoms, and civil rights, and as a country of immigrants, that He believes that all men are equal, and that we were all created to be free with equal rights and opportunities.
By Derwell Fallu

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