President Donald Trump, America is all of us; even the people you despise and humiliate!

President Donald Trump, America is all of us; even the people you despise and humiliate!

The lesson we must teach President Trump is that arrogance and arrogance are as superficial, like leaven in bread. We must teach him that Puerto Ricans are humble, but that this people is respected, that Latinos and immigrants united, we are more powerful than all his money.
President Trump must be taught that the one who has the power to put in and remove the president is not his money, but the people. We are going to teach him what he had to learn from the honorable Abraham Lincoln; that to gain popularity, grace and power, it is done by adding, and not subtracting; achieving empathy with the people to earn their trust, respect and goodwill, and not their contempt.
Abraham Lincoln was a wise man. In his intention to become the President of the United States of America, he said, and proposed, that he should make a friend every day, to gain the popularity necessary that would give him the possibility of being the President of the States. United.
And he succeeded, because his intentions were good, and because he was a man, who wanted to be a president for the people, he became immortal among all, and the world also recognizes him today. But you may be remembered only as the arrogant, overbearing and racist who took pleasure in fostering division among citizens.
President Trump, the United States is all of us; even people you despise and humiliate. At the polls, this November 3, we are going to show you who has power, that the people have power; that Latinos and immigrants have power … because we are all America! By Derwell Fallu


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