Do you really care about our world? You should read this message!

Do you really care about our world? You should read this message!
Television media are a powerful information tool that can revolutionize the viewer’s mind. It is for this reason, that if we want to preserve as healthy as possible, the good inter-relational behavior of society and with families, it is advisable for the media to be very selective and careful with the information material that they try to make available to viewers .
In the terrible battle we are waging today, in the intention of combating domestic violence and family abuse, it becomes more difficult to achieve positive advances in this fight, when our local television stations promote to the viewer public all kinds of soap operas with very high content with violent scenes in the family environment, mistreatment and rape of women.
When we stop to evaluate the content of this type of telenovelas, we do not hesitate to realize, that far from helping with our campaign “of non-violence, say no to mistreatment of women” these telenovelas are doing just the opposite, they are promoting that kind of violent behavior in society and among our families.
To this is added that they do not have a healthy message for our children, or for the youth. Unfortunately, those who have been inspired by this type of project for television, and the television stations that choose it, are delivering the wrong message to the people.
Faced with this sad reality, there are two things we can do: Either the television channel producers revalue the content of this type of soap opera and withdraw it, or people begin to take responsibility for their mental health and that of their families, and stop see that kind of content.
Gossip and violence are harmful elements to the behavioral health of individuals, but it is a dangerous temptation that is difficult to avoid.
Many profit from programs of this type of content, taking advantage of the weakness of viewers who are passionate about gossip and violence. Today’s society is deteriorating dangerously in many aspects of life, because there is no lack of the hypocritical attitude of the people who decide that they will make wealth, no matter how they get it.
I say it is hypocritical; because we see many people campaigning against cancer, but on the other hand they have companies and businesses to sell cigarettes and other elements that are scientifically certified as potential agents that cause cancer.
And so, in many other things and topics, people hypocritically tell you not to do this or that, but on the other hand they tempt you and fight you with advertising campaigns, that the will is weak to resist, and you end up falling into the trap of the hypocrites.
Given this fact, only two things can result from it; the lack of love of the neighbor and an excessive greed to get wealth. I am not saying that we abandon the dream of being able to achieve financial freedom, no. What I mean is that the cost of achieving that freedom should not be that lack of love of neighbor that endangers the health and lives of those we should protect.
Because, what sense can it have, that a tobacco company has a foundation to help people who became ill with cancer from smoking cigarettes, who sell those same tobacco companies, and who are making so many people in the world sick with cancer?
We can never hope to have a functional and optimal world to live in, if with the things we do or not, they are not precisely those that could optimize our world for the good quality of life that we all deserve. By Derwell Fallu
If you care about doing something good and productive for our world, I don’t have to ask you to share this message, because I know you will:


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