Trump cannot win this election!

Trump cannot win this election!

Trump has not been a competent president, he has allowed the Coronavirus to have killed close to a million citizens and infected, up to this moment, more than six and a half million people. In the world, the United States is the country that is at the forefront in the statistics of deaths and infections, thanks to the inept president that we have.
Trump cannot win these elections, and because of how he has treated the people of Puerto Rico, we are going to make sure that this is so. Those who give Trump a broom now, the fickle people who dare to do it, when Trump all he did with the people of Puerto Rico was dirty us with his tongue and humiliate us, when they see Trump’s defeat on November 3, that then do not sing on the side of those who defend the honor and dignity of Puerto Rico.
I am grateful to Ricky Martin, Marc Antony, Prince Roy, and many other great artists who have stood for his number, to prevent Trump from revalidating a second term.
I made our social platform {SGS} available to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the entire Democratic Party team, so they need to use this resource to get their message to the entire American people, do so. Because Trump cannot win this election … the stakes are too high in America, and the truth is, in terms of competent leadership, the United States has been too big for Trump.
We know that Trump cannot win elections by popularity, but his possibilities are reduced to trying to do it through dirty advertising campaigns and lies, and based on his economic capacity … But since everyone knows him, it will be very difficult for him win these elections. By Derwell Fallu


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