The cruel fate of a hard life!

The cruel fate of a hard life!

In Nuevos TemasNotas Reflexivas, and Un tema de opiniónThe cruel fate of a hard life! Life is sometimes very difficult, especially for all those who have never had the support of dad, mom, or anyone else; that they have had to cut their paths hard through the undergrowth of life. When cold, hunger and all those needs that fight against human life, it is never easy to maintain mental balance, to find sensible ideas that help us configure and make the decisions that put us on the right path to achievement. of the conquest of our dreams. Hence, some decide that they will sell pleasure with their bodies to try to survive the terrible adversities that their fragile lives face. Others choose vices and life in the underworld, but all, in some way, try to survive a destiny, which, for them, has not been easy to carry. To all this, sometimes the contempt that many of these have to suffer for those who only judge, for those insensitive and intolerant people, who perhaps have had better luck in life than they, is added. By Derwell Fallu


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