Derwell Fallu, Puerto Rican writer, I achieved a great dream and I am sharing it with the world!

Derwell Fallu, Puerto Rican writer, I achieved a great dream and I am sharing it with the world!

Everyone comes with a mark of nature, to be skilled at something, for what will be good in life. I am no exception.
When I was almost a child, I discovered that I was very good at inspiring myself to write very beautiful and magical poems and words that touch the heart and soul.
When I was growing up, people still fell in love with romantic letters that lovers sent their girlfriends. I discovered that powerful inspiration and passion for good reading and writing. Some of my classmates asked me to write them a letter, for them to send it to some of the girls with whom they felt in love.
As I was almost a teenager, I promised myself that I would fill the world with my poems and my most beautiful thoughts; that I would write a book that I would publish and that it would be in many bookstores around the world.
When I passed by that street in Río Piedras, where the bookstores are, I would stop and look through the glass, and I would say to myself, one day there will be a copy of my book here.
Once, when I was very young, some people who had a meeting with the former mayor of Canóvanas, Don Chemo Soto, took me with them. They all spoke, and I remember the mayor asked me if I had something to say to him. Taking advantage of that opportunity, I exhausted it to mention to him about my project of the edition of my book and its possible publication. I talked to everyone about what my book would be about and mentioned several of the topics that would be part of it.
I could see that Don Chemo Soto looked very excited when I was talking about my book, and when I finished my intervention, he told me with a very confident voice; When you publish your book, the first one you will sell, I will buy it for you.
That meant a lot to me, as it motivated me more to dedicate myself to my book project. Then social networks became a means that will serve to publicize our project, so I used Facebook and other social networks to publish my poems, my sayings and some fragments of the content of the draft of my book.

I also came to think that if I publicly requested that someone help me with the publication of my book, maybe someone was interested, since many who read my publications told me, you can publish a book, you write very beautiful! So I did it like this, I wrote to Daddy Yankee, Tito el Bambino, Marc Antony, Jlo, all the famous artists and singers that I had heard of. But no one answered me. I only had a disturbing silence from them.
The project of the edition and publication of a book is very expensive and I did not have the economic conditions to assume that reality. However, an editor in the United States found out about my intention to write and publish that book, they contacted me and made me an offer, which I had to think about for three weeks. We agreed, and we did; we publish my book.
Today my book is published, it is in the Library of Congress of the United States, in all online bookstores and in the Department of State of the United States my signature is stamped with copyright.
Some singers of the same ones that I asked for help with the edition and publication of my book, they took from my songs, and made songs, which they popularized and got fed up with money, with my writings, which inspired them to make their album. .I have seen very important television channels that use my sayings, as a slogan, but no channel has ever asked me for an interview to tell them about my book. Although some use my sayings and my writings as slogans, and in songs, I do not think lawsuits for copyright infringement …
I let them use them, because my dream is that one day someone will say; and as the Puerto Rican writer says or said …. I achieved my dream, my books are already in many bookstores, thanks to the fact that someone believed in me and helped me. But it is always very important to declare the vision of a dream that we have, because if we cannot achieve it alone, there will always be someone who will be willing to help us. By Derwell Fallu


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