Perhaps now, many people believe me, that Donald Trump has not been a good president for Americans.

Perhaps now, many people believe me, that Donald Trump has not been a good president for Americans.

Perhaps now many people understand why I have said that Donald Trump has not been a good president.
Because among many other things, he made fun of scientists, in terms of their recommendations to try to contain the spread of the deadly virus, he always minimized the risks and underestimated the high risk of mortality that this Coronavirus represented for the population, and this, even seeing as thousands and millions were falling victims of Covid-19.
But what is even worse, that the president never had or presented a plan like the other governments of other countries in the world. Trump took the virus, like a joke. For me, the conduct of President Trump, faced with this situation with the Coronavirus, was that of a person who was not well of his mental faculties. This man, we did not even see him with a message of pain or encouragement for the relatives of the victims of the Coronavirus. The irony is that now infected by the virus, Trump receives the best care, and also the millions of contagion and the thousands of deaths this man denied him.

I am concerned about people, who use the power that they have their right to vote, to elect people because they are only passionate about them, because they become blind fans of them or because they personally have some personal benefit in particular, but they do not think Nor do they care, if these people are capable or willing to successfully perform the role that their functions demand, if really these people that they choose, do it in line with the duty that a leader should have to do their job with honesty and with intelligence in favor of the best interests of the people.
We have also seen it on my small island, citizens voting for candidates, that one knows that they are only looking for opportunities to profit at the expense of the people’s resources, but that they have no other intention than that. And it worries that people only vote for them, because they say they are new faces.
But how can we figure out whether these people we want to choose can be a good alternative, or a probable option. In the case of our island, it is very simple, because whatever is not a real guarantee to what we already have, and which is in line with the guarantee of our better future, it should not be an option as a candidate for important elective positions.
Here is an example: It does not matter what religion people have, but if a person does not show a minimum of interest or respect for God, which is the only thing, that until now, can regulate the state of coexistence between human beings What could people expect from someone who openly says they don’t believe in the existence of God. From those who do not believe in God, nothing good can be expected from someone like that, it is that logic never fails. By Derwell Fallu

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