Alert! Alert! Trump as president, does not measure up, American families with Trump at the head, we are unprotected.

Alert! Alert! Trump as president, does not measure up, American families with Trump at the head, we are unprotected.
I, like millions of Americans, are not proud of Trump as president of the nation, nor of his administration …
The United States is currently the country where there are more deaths and those infected by Covid-19 worldwide, even the president himself has the Coronavirus. And the worst thing is, that people continue to fall, without us seeing any plan by Trump and his administration, which gives us hope to see that this deadly virus can finally be contained.
Trump said the blame for the virus lies with China and the World Health Organization, and that China will pay dearly for what it did. Do you think that it is really worth anything to blame others for our own failures? Do you think that a president who has let the virus kill and infect millions of people, and there is nothing seen that in the short or medium term that can contain it, can someone like that really do something to the country of China? We know that Trump got into Venezuela, to put an end to the tyranny and dictatorship of Maduro, and what he did was put the United States to shame and ridicule before the world, because Maduro continues there in Venezuela with all his dictatorship , Mocking the United States and the president of the most powerful nation in the world. If this ineffective president that we have, could not with Nicolas Maduro, do you think he could with the powerful government of the Chinese country? Please, with threats governments are not overthrown, or battles are won … everyone knows that the barking dog does not bite! I am waiting for November 3, because our nation needs a leader, a true president to represent us … to Trump and his administration, this nation has been very large, and due to its ineptitude and inefficiency it has left the people unprotected, in term of national security, health, the economy and many other issues that are of particular importance … let’s leave the sentimentality, and go! Trump, as the president of the United States, does not measure up. By Derwell Fallu


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