The night when her illusion died!

They were, he and she, so in love that their lives were lit by the fire of that love that united them. He left, like, every day, with the morning, to that place where he worked, and she stayed at home, doing homework, with that illusion of all that love, which filled her soul in her chest . The clock kept ticking the minutes they drove down the afternoon road; marking the time, that she used to wait for him. The illusion of seeing him again, made, with each tick of the clock, her heart beat even faster, she played, with her loose hair, the soft breeze, and the magical sound that was being heard, of her favorite song , enveloped her in a moment of magic, happiness and bliss. But everything suddenly changed! When evening came, but he didn’t come A terrible feeling of nostalgia and pain invaded her heart; and everything ended for her, when night came, which killed her beautiful illusion! By Derwell Fallu


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